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1/4-28 X 4 3/4 A193 B8 HEX HEAD CAP SCREW

1/4-28 X 4 3/4 A193 B8 HEX HEAD CAP SCREW

Product Information:

Additional Information

Part Number HHB8F0250475
Weight 0.0000
Diameter 1/4
Length 4 3/4
Thread 28
Product Type A193 B8 HEX HEAD CAP SCREW
Product Measurements 1/4-28 X 4 3/4
Material A193 B8
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We are a jobshop and have purchased most of our u bolts from McMaster Carr due to time constraints involved with our orders. We are mostly a repair and maintenance of production line equipment company so next day or same day delivery is usually the case on our material purchases. I do appreciate your interest in recent orders which have been capably handled by John Junior. His response to questions involving changes or additions to our orders have been timely and solved our problems.

– P.