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5/8" Grade 100 Coupling Links

Product Details

Grade 100 coupling links made of forged alloy steel, heat treated and painted.
5/8" Grade 100 Coupling Links 5/8" Grade 100 Coupling Links

Product Information:

Additional Information

Part Number 421240
Weight N/A
Diameter N/A
Length N/A
Thread N/A
Product Type Coupling Links
Product Measurements N/A
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Our buyer received a letter from your company regarding an order I put in for some 3” stainless steel U-Bolts. I just wanted to thank you for the kind letter and let you know that your U-Bolts have been completely invaluable to us. We use them in the manufacturing process of an extremely sensitive product. Our previous U-bolts were zinc plated, therefore they became rusted too easily and risked the quality of the product. We hadn’t been able to find another U-bolt supplier with our specific size requirements (without going custom) until I came across your website! We are very grateful for the quality product you have sent us. We will definitely continue to use your company and the services provided.

– C.