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9/32" - 5/16" Grade 100 Eye Foundry Hook 5,700 WLL

Product Details

Grade 100 Forged alloy steel, heat treated. Painted
9/32" - 5/16" Grade 100 Eye Foundry Hooks 9/32" - 5/16" Grade 100 Eye Foundry Hooks

Product Information:

Product Information

Part Number 694510
Weight 0
Diameter N/A
Length N/A
Thread N/A
Product Type N/A
Product Measurements 9/32" - 5/16" Grade 100
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Thank you for contacting me through your automatic web site reply. I thought I would mention that I have placed a small order today with John Wilson who proved instrumental in putting together a quote and receiving our contact and payment information. He was great to work with.

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