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Spiral Pins

Spiral Pins

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Also know as Coiled Spring pins. Standard Spiral pins/ Coiled Spring Pins provide flexibility, uniform strength, equal stress distribution, closer diameter tolerances, no interlocking, trouble-free automatic feeding, and they reduce costs. Heavy, standard, and light duty pins provide combinations of strength, flexibility and diameter to meet the specific engineering objectives of your pinning applications.

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  1. Diameter: 3 1/32
    Length: 5/16
  2. Diameter: 3 1/32
    Length: 7/16
  3. Diameter: 3 1/32
    Length: 1/2
  4. Diameter: 3 1/32
    Length: 9/16
  5. Diameter: 3 1/32
    Length: 5/8
  6. Diameter: 1/8
    Length: 1/4
  7. Diameter: 1/8
    Length: 3/8
  8. Diameter: 1/8
    Length: 1/2
  9. Diameter: 1/8
    Length: 5/8
  10. Diameter: 1/8
    Length: 3/4

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Just wanted to do a quick shout out and heartfelt thank you for getting [us] out of a bind and helping us fulfill an extremely large project for our largest customer. We got our parts machined, inspected, polished and assembled on time for delivery when we realized that we forgot the set screws that needed to be made from Alloy 20. I made several frantic calls trying to find these things and your company was the only one to answer me in a timely manner, answer all my questions about the set screws, and able to get the set screws rushed to us in order for us to make our promised delivery date. Our city made the fastest shrinking city in America due to oilfield slowdowns and coal industry shut downs. Other machine shops in our area are closing, and we able to stay open because we keep our delivery dates and quality standards and we can do that because of the vendors that we have come to rely on, such as U-Bolt-It. Thank you for keeping us going. Looking forward to having you fill upcoming orders.

– H.