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Xylan® Coated Stud Bolts

Xylan® Coated Stud Bolts

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Xylan® is a fluoropolymer topcoat, afford high lubricity (co-efficient of friction as low as .02), and corrosion resistance of approximately 1000 hours when applied over phosphate, and up to 2000 hours when applied over electroplating. It is done to improve Make up and break out torque of bolts. These are solvent based thin film topcoats.

Xylan® products have a maximum temperature ranging up to 500 deg. F. Xylan® may also be applied over other basecoats, for added corrosion protection. They have a coefficient of friction of .05 to .10, and a maximum constant operating temperature of 400 deg. F. The corrosion resistance of the 1500 hours, when applied over a suitable basecoat such as zinc electroplating.

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  1. Diameter: 1/2
    Thread: 13
    Length: 2 1/2
  2. Diameter: 1/2
    Thread: 13
    Length: 2 3/4
  3. Diameter: 1/2
    Thread: 13
    Length: 3
  4. Diameter: 5/8
    Thread: 11
    Length: 3
  5. Diameter: 5/8
    Thread: 11
    Length: 3 1/4
  6. Diameter: 5/8
    Thread: 11
    Length: 3 1/2
  7. Diameter: 5/8
    Thread: 11
    Length: 3 3/4
  8. Diameter: 5/8
    Thread: 11
    Length: 4
  9. Diameter: 5/8
    Thread: 11
    Length: 5
  10. Diameter: 5/8
    Thread: 11
    Length: 7

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Good Afternoon Sir, I received your letter in the mail today. I was ecstatic to receive and read it. It was wonderful doing business with you and your company. The first initial response was great, they got my order in pronto. Even after my mistake of ordering the wrong size of bolts, they were very accommodating and understanding and worked with me to get the right ones ordered. I will definitely keep you and your company in mind when someone is needing your line of product. I appreciate and thank you for all your help. P.s. Thank you for the glasses clothe, with having a 5 almost 6 year old my phone is in need of constant cleaning. It will be well used.

– W.