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Nylon Insert Locknuts

Nylon Insert Locknuts

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Nylon Insert Locknuts have a nylon ring that when tightened on a bolt, resists loosening under all types of vibrations and torque. U-Bolt-It nylon insert locknuts are available in a variety of sizes and materials including low and medium carbon, heat treatable steel grades, including non-ferrous materials.

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  1. Diameter: 1 1/8
    Thread: 12
  2. Diameter: 1 1/4
    Thread: 7
  3. Diameter: 1 1/4
    Thread: 12
  4. Diameter: 1 1/2
    Thread: 12
  5. Diameter: 4 1/40
    Thread: 40
  6. Diameter: 6 1/32
    Thread: 32
  7. Diameter: 10/24
    Thread: 24

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I wanted to say how helpful it was to be able to order small quantities of screws from your business. As a start up business, without an established presence, it is virtually impossible to get small quantities of screws as samples. When we go into production, we will be ordering millions of screws, but we need to know that the same screws we test with our prototypes will be available at bulk prices at that time.

– D.