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Industrial Chain

Industrial Chain

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U-Bolt-It provides welded chain, weldless chain, stainless steel chain, and chain accessories to be used in various applications. Chains designed for pull applications should not to be used for lifting or hoisting purposes or when failure is likely to cause damage to property or persons. You should avoid jerking or acceleration in most applications as rapid stress on the chain can cause hazards. Actual applications should determine the size and grade of chain to be used. We also can provide stocking transport chains and wire rope clips.

Transportation & Lifting Chains

  • Grade 30 Chain: This is a welded chain made from a grade of low carbon steel. Grade 30 is a durable chain made to NACM and ASTM standards for a wide range of applications including towing, securing, logging and guard-rails. While this chain can be used for towing, it is not made for overhead lifting applications.
  • Grade 43 Chain: This chain is made from a high carbon steel, providing excellent strength to weight ratio. It has a high resistance to wear and abrasion, making it great for high stress applications including binding, lumbering, construction and more.
  • Grade 70 Chain: This heat-treated carbon steel chain can normally bear a 20% larger load compared to grade 43. This means you can use lighter and less material providing easy handling and less storage space needed after use. Grade 70 is often used in towing and logging applications. It can also be made to meet California Highway Patrol and DOT requirements with a gold chromate finish.
  • Grade 80 Chain: Made out of a high grade alloy steel, this chain is designed for safe overhead lifting and can be used in lifting slings. Grade 80 is also often used as a tied down chain to secure industrial loads on flatbed trailers for secure transportation.
  • Stainless Steel Chain: This chain, whether as type 304 or 316, is made to be used in highly corrosive environments, including around acidic chemicals and salt/sea water. Stainless steel is also resistant to high temperatures. This chain is not made to handle the load of overhead lifting.
Chain Working Load Limits
Chain SizeGrade 30Grade 43Grade 70Grade 80Stainless Steel
1/4 1,300 2,600 3,150 - 1,860
5/16 1,900 3,900 4,700 4,500 2,425
3/8 2,650 5,400 6,600 7,100 3,800
7/16 3,700 7,200 8,750 - -
1/2 4,500 9,200 11,300 12,000 6,425
5/8 6,900 13,000 15,800 18,100 9,725
3/4 10,600 20,200 24,700 28,300 15,175

Bulk Chain Inventory

Please review our available chain inventory below. If you do not see what you are specifically looking for, submit a request for quote or call us at 866-895-0657 and we will work with our suppliers to find the chain you need.

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I really have nothing but good things to say about our experiences over the couple of purchases we have made. I have dealt with John Wilson for both of our purchases and I think very highly of his professionalism. He has been nothing but courteous and has been a great communicator which is a big deal to us when dealing with a company half way across the country. The products we have received have been first-rate quality and the orders have been filled with 100% accuracy.

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