Hook Bolts

Hook Bolts

Hook bolts, otherwise known as a bent anchor bolt or square bend hook bolts, are bolts with one square curved end. This curved end makes it a common bolt used for applications that require hanging from a wall or ceiling. The hook portion of the bolt serves to create resistance so that the bolt is more secure once fastened. U-bolt-It provides many threads that are visible on the straight end of the fastener.

You will often find hook bolts in conjunction with square concrete purlins, steel channels, beams for support of structural steel columns, highway signs, bridges, and light poles. Though structured slightly differently, U-Bolt-It considers square J bolt and round J bolts to be part of the hook bolt family. Our bent anchor bolts are a reliable fastening solution if you are looking for bolts for heavy-duty construction with rugged holding power, and a unique bent anchor design.

Custom bent bolts are used for body mounting, suspension, leaf springs, pipes, construction, motors, and many other applications. Whether used for part assembly or fastening you can count on the quality and durability of our bolts. We can meet any of your custom bent u-bolt needs! We provide hook bolts, L bolts, V bolts, J bolts, Square bolts, and Slant U-Bolts in different sizes, threads and materials.

U-Bolt-It is a custom hook bolt supplier that can create a custom hook bolt for your application, so please use the form below. U-Bolt-It can make hook bolts in a wide range of sizes, finishes, threads, and materials. We manufacture square bend bolts from Grade 2, Grade Astm A193 B-7, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316, and many others.

U-Bolt-It provides quick turnaround times, high-quality products, and world-class customer service. Have a question about our manufactured hook bolts? Contact our team directly by phone or by using our secure online form. We look forward to speaking with you!

Hook Bolts

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