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Custom Long Tangent U-Bolts

Long Tangent U-Bolts Fig-137

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U-Bolt-It is the premium manufacturer of custom long tangent u-bolts and Fig 137 u-bolts. We offer all standard sizes, but for unique applications, you can trust us to create the perfect long tangent u-bolt for your project.

Fig-137 is a U-shaped bolt with two threaded arms protruding from a u-curved base. Long tangent U-Bolts are like round u-bolts, except they have longer legs and more thread. These long legs are perfect for mounting to structural materials or thick flanges. Since the legs are longer there is more room for thread, allowing bolts to be fastened at different sizes. Our corrosion-resistant bolts will hold pipes in place in harsh environments.

Long tangent u-bolts are recommended to support heavy loads like pipes, tubes, and conduits from ceilings walls or poles. They are often used in power generation and marine industries.

Our Inventory of long tangent u-bolts come in a variety of materials and finishes including 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, low carbon steel, galvanized, and zinc plated.

U-Bolt It offers custom sizes, world-class customer service, and quick turnaround time. Have a question about our manufactured long tangent u-bolts? Contact our team directly by phone or by using our secure online form. We look forward to speaking with you!

Long Tangent Size Chart

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  1. Diameter: 1/4
    Thread: 20
  2. Diameter: 1/4
    Thread: 20
  3. Diameter: 1/4
    Thread: 20
  4. Diameter: 1/4
    Thread: 20
  5. Diameter: 1/4
    Thread: 20
  6. Diameter: 1/4
    Thread: 20
  7. Diameter: 1/4
    Thread: 20
  8. Diameter: 1/4
    Thread: 20
  9. Diameter: 1/4
    Thread: 20
  10. Diameter: 1/4
    Thread: 20

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