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Carbon Steel Fasteners

Carbon Steel Fasteners

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U-Bolt-It manufacturers and distributes a variety of carbon steel fasteners including u-bolts, studs, carriage bolts, and more. Carbon steel is a popular material for fasteners due to its good tensile strength and ability to bear loads. It responds well to heat-treatments with minimal work hardening and brittleness. It is easy to machine and can meet the tight tolerances required for threading and fastener configurations. Carbon steel is also an economic metal.

Carbon steel is categorized by the amount of carbon in the alloy, which impacts the properties of the steel. Low carbon steel, with 0.05-0.3% carbon, is ductile and malleable. It has low tensile strength and can be hardened through carbonizing. It is the least expense of the carbon steel alloys.

Medium carbon steel has 0.3-0.59% carbon, which provides the alloy with increased strength and good ware resistance. It is easy to machine and is used for forged and automotive parts.

High carbon steel and ultra-high carbon steel is very strong and is used for springs and high-strength products. These alloys can be tempered to very high hardness without brittleness, and are used for very high wear applications. These alloys have carbon from 0.6-0.99% for high carbon steel and 1.0-2.0% for ultra-high carbon steel.

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