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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

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U-Bolt-It manufacturers and distributes a variety of stainless steel fasteners including u-bolts, bolts, transport chain, hex nuts, and more. Depending on your application and environmental conditions we offer stainless steel fasteners in the following grades.

302 Stainless Steel chain offers excellent corrosion resistance for food processing, industrial and marine environment applications. Possesses non-magnetic properties and outstanding toughness at all temperatures.

304 Stainless Steel has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion resistance. Typical uses for 304 stainless chains include chemical, food processing, paper

304 SS Products:

309 Stainless Steel alloy is best known for its high strength and oxidation resistance in continuous service applications. This alloy withstands temperatures up to 2000 F (1093 C). It is superior to 304 stainless in both strength and corrosion resistance.

316 Stainless Steel has superior corrosion resistance which is ideal for chemical, food processing, coastal and offshore marine applications. 316 stainless chain offers oxidation resistance, good mechanical properties and is used in many industries, including paper, mining, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries.

316 SS Products:

410 Stainless Steel is the basic martensitic stainless steel that was developed to provide a category of stainless alloys that would be corrosion resistant and hardened by heat treating. Grade 410 is machinable and used in applications where high strength, moderate heat and corrosion resistance requirements are key.

410 SS Products:

B-8 Stainless Steel is non-magnetic and has good corrosion resistance properties. B-8 stainless has a 75,000 psi tensile strength and has the same material as AISI type 304 stainless steel

B-8 SS Products:

B-8M Stainless Steel material is similar to B8 except has added Molybdenum. Because it has better corrosion resistance than B8, hex bolts, studs and other fasteners are common to the B8M specification.

B-8M SS Products:

17-4 PH Stainless Steel is a martensitic, chromium-nickel-copper stainless steel used for applications requiring high strength and moderate levels of corrosion resistance. Stainless 17-4 PH is used in a wide range of applications that include aircraft structural parts, fasteners, pump shafts, valve parts, chemical & food processing equipment, and nuclear components.

17-4 SS Products:

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Our buyer received a letter from your company regarding an order I put in for some 3” stainless steel U-Bolts. I just wanted to thank you for the kind letter and let you know that your U-Bolts have been completely invaluable to us. We use them in the manufacturing process of an extremely sensitive product. Our previous U-bolts were zinc plated, therefore they became rusted too easily and risked the quality of the product. We hadn’t been able to find another U-bolt supplier with our specific size requirements (without going custom) until I came across your website! We are very grateful for the quality product you have sent us. We will definitely continue to use your company and the services provided.

– C.